How to check worker training records?

It is a must to regularly check worker training records and update them. This is to ensure employees are properly trained and comply with all relevant policies and regulations. It also helps identify areas where additional training or resources may be needed to improve employee performance and productivity.


To check worker training records, you can follow the following steps:


  1. Request access to the worker’s training record from the appropriate supervisor or HR representative.
  2. Verify that the training record includes the worker’s name, the date of each training session, the title of each training session, and any certificates or qualifications earned.
  3. Check that the training provided is relevant to the worker’s job requirements and aligns with company policies and standards.
  4. Ensure that the worker has completed any mandatory training required by law or company policy.
  5. Look for any gaps or deficiencies in the training record and discuss them with the worker or their supervisor to ensure they receive any necessary additional training.
  6. Keep a record of your review for future reference and compliance purposes.

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