Checklist on the Ministry Of Manpower MOM Worker Training Record Requirement

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore requires employers to keep a training record for each worker to document the training and skills development that the worker has received. The MOM worker training record should contain the following information:  
  1. Worker’s name and identification number
  2. Date of training
  3. Type of training, including the course title and description
  4. Training provider or institution
  5. Duration of training
  6. Results of training, such as grades or certificates
  7. Any other relevant information, such as changes in job responsibilities that may require additional training
The MOM worker training record is important for both the employer and the employee. For the employer, it helps to demonstrate compliance with the regulations and shows a commitment to employee development. For the employee, it can help to track their progress and identify areas for further improvement and development.
Worker maintaining record on clipboard
Worker maintaining employee training records
Employers should ensure that they maintain accurate and up-to-date training records for each worker and make them available for inspection by the MOM if required. For easier tracking of your workers’ compliance, you can request for a demo on our platform. OptimSafety commits to helping boost safety awareness with safety videos you can track. You can also check our free access video library for safety training on this link  
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