Increase safety awareness by making sure that all workers on your site have been trained on the right safety videos

We are transforming Safety Training

Safety training helps reduce accidents but can be challenging to implement in an effective way:

However, your workers know how to watch a video on their phone. Based on that, we provide an all-in-one safety training solution for your workers.

OptimSafety all-in-one platform

How we do it

Benefits of using OptimSafety

Fully done-for-you
(videos and platform for tracking)

Increase safety awareness

Available for any language

Customized videos for your
construction sites

Full real-time reporting

Cost effective
(all inclusive cost, including platform,
video creation and updates)

Why work with us

OptimField is a service of Powata, a Singapore-based company part of the iLathys group founded in 2011 and specialising in integrating videos with technology. One of the companies of the group is fewStones, a leading corporate video agency with extensive experience in creating training videos. With a team of more than 60 experienced video editors as well as software engineers, we are the ideal partner for a full training solution for your team.

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