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How It Works

For your workers

01Your worker arrives on site : he scans a QR code to watch a safety video. No app to install.
02The video provides the information in the language selected, along with voice over and subtitles.
03Once he has watched the full video, he enters his ID and acknowledges having
understood it.

For your manager

01Your manager has an interface where he can monitor compliance in real time and extract reports
02He can see what is the overall compliance rate and the progress on specific videos. And also organise refresher campaigns.
03He has a detailed view of all workers and how each one of them is compliant.
04He can also add workers, who can be grouped according to access rights and what trainings they need to watch.
05He can also drill down on one specific worker to see what video he has watched and when. And most importantly what videos still need to be watched.

Video Sample

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